Harrison North has a strong reputation for providing efficient and innovative tax-efficient strategies. Our tax services aim to surpass the linear tax advice delivered by the larger accountancy practices and deliver a dedicated, bespoke and structured strategy for every client. This alternative approach is appropriate for a wide range of individuals and companies as it offers greater flexibility to accommodate changing events and maximise tax savings under a range of permutations.

Income Tax

  • Mitigation Strategies: We are able to design and implement a range of strategies to reduce the effective rate of tax payable on income. This is relevant to all sources of income upon which the higher rate of tax is paid.
  • Remuneration Strategies: Where directors are looking to award large salaries or bonuses either to themselves or key employees, there is much that can be done to reduce the associated tax burden. We will be able to advise on and execute on your behalf the most suitable remuneration strategy according to your specific circumstances.

Capital Gains

  • We specialise in minimizing the impact of Capital Gains Tax arising from chargeable gains, whether from the sale of property, shares, companies or assets.

Close Company & Owner Managed Business Tax Planning

  • The tax legislation concerning close company businesses is complex and our professional advice recommended for owners of close companies looking to extract funds from their businesses.
  • Every one of our business tax clients is provided with tailor-made, targeted tax strategy advice covering all business areas.
  • At Harrison North we recognise that tax planning for most businesses needs to be considered alongside tax planning for the directors, taking into account their personal circumstances, salary requirements, or pension arrangements.
  • This tax advice is then provided on an on-going basis as circumstances change.

Tax Review

  • Our tax review is performed for clients with income in excess of £100k per annum or assets valued over £250k.
  • Working on behalf of both individuals and companies, this service seeks to ensure that current arrangements are proving successful at minimizing the tax burden.
  • We act in a discreet manner and respect client confidentiality at all times.
  • For this service we charge a market-rate fee. This is a process which we believe can be hugely valuable and is not provided in the hope of attaining future new business. Too often tax planning fails to consider the interaction of all angles of taxation together. This service is able to provide the necessary reassurance that all is well. The advice given will be impartial and unbiased.