We offer small companies an intensive programme of assistance designed to steer the business towards profitability and sustained growth. This is uncharacteristic of the service normally offered to small businesses by conventional accountancy practices. By adopting a hands-on role and providing clear and focussed direction we work with you to transform your business. That ensures we not only formulate with you the way ahead but also help drive the business forward, maintaining momentum and ensuring it stays on track.

Once an appointment has been accepted we undertake a full and comprehensive review of the company and from this starting point a detailed strategic plan of action will be agreed. At this stage the extent of support required by the company will be determined. Most commonly this will take the form of day-to-day managerial support, regular strategic meetings, the provision of performance data and the establishment of benchmarking targets to be monitored on an ongoing basis. In some circumstances the level of support will extend to securing additional finance, undertaking company bookkeeping, dealing with creditors or establishing more favourable banking relationships.

If you believe your company could benefit from our services in this area, please contact us.