We are highly experienced in the valuation of unlisted companies. It is a key area for our practice and we invest in year-round training to ensure we are at the forefront of this field. Much trickier than listed companies, the techniques for the valuation of unlisted companies rely more upon judgement decisions, less about numbers and more about qualitative measurement and benchmarking. There is a wealth of experience that comes with using a firm engaged in these type of assignments throughout the year allowing us to deliver reliable valuations in even the most tricky of circumstances – for example the valuation of companies with no direct competitors.

There are a number of motivating factors behind our clients requiring a valuation. The most common being those looking to buy or sell a company, those thinking about a possible sale in the future keen to understand how they can add value in the interim, and increasingly companies involved in legal disputes or issues around valuation for divorce or capital gains purposes.

We also undertake due diligence reports on target companies for investors. Please contact us for more information on the company valuation services we can offer.